Wednesday, 7 January 2015

OUGD601 - Context of Practice 3: Primary Research

Below are some photographs I have taken over the past couple of weeks/months. When I have been out and about I have constantly been thinking about this brief and the possible outcomes. When I was thinking about creating a product based around bread waste, I came across this packaging in Tesco. I really loved how all of the products were contained within a bread tin. 

I will most definitely be taking inspiration from this design for my practical, as I feel as though there is definitely potential for a strong product design. 

I also noticed this on the back of some cereal, explaining how you can help to feed a child. I really think this is important, and raising awareness of those who are less fortunate should be equally as important to manufacturers as it is with profit. 

When I visited the Tesco near college I took a photograph of the Food Collection container. Once again I noticed that the placement of it was completely wrong, as it was tucked away behind the door, and only noticeable on the way out of the store. I have been checking each time I went in to the store to see whether many people had donated. 

At the start it was clear to see that nobody has really noticed it was there, and therefore there was very little or no food in it, however, closer to Christmas there were a lot more products inside. 

In Tesco I also took a photograph of the cereal packaging and noted that on their cereal boxes they had placed information about Farm to Fork. I think this simple adjustment is really effective and the more changes like this gradually happen, the better!

When I was in Waitrose one day I noticed that they had bags for packed lunches which could be taken to the checkout to pay for. I love this idea and it actually links quite closely to one that I had, to give children a little packed lunch after their visit to Tesco for Farm to Fork, with activities inside to test their knowledge on what they are eating. 

When I had decided that I needed to buy some existing pasta and redesign the packaging for it for it to work with my pasta measure design, I spent a lot of time choosing the pasta. The photographs below indicate how challenging this was for me, as a lot of the packaging has full colour printed directly onto the bag, meaning that it would be hard for me to cover up existing designs. 

I visited Tesco and came across this design with a resealable label and decided that I would definitely experiment with one myself. Whether it is necessary I am not sure, but there is no way of telling until the idea is proposed and I can receive more accurate feedback.

When I was at the checkout in Tesco I also noticed this banner. Making a point of their price promise. This just goes to show how tough it is for all of the supermarkets at the moment and the fact that they are all competing against each other.

This is an example of the Love Food Hate Waste application to one of Tesco's food products. I cut this sample off a vegetable package as primary research so that I had a reference when I was designing my final product.

Below are any of the additional leaflets I have picked up from Summer until now, I am really pleased with the amount of primary research I have been able to gather for this project and feel as though I have learnt a lot along the way.

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