Tuesday, 19 March 2013

OUGD406 - Speaking From Experience: Primary Research

I thought that for Friday's crit it would be important to collect some primary research too, which could be included on my boards too. The responses I got were quite similar, people miss their family, friends, food and their pets. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to put anything in the pack which would replace their pets for them but that would be covered with the empty photo album I would provide.

OUGD401 - Context of Practice: From Theory Into Practice (Proposal Session)

This morning we had a session with Richard and Fred. This involved splitting the class in two and presenting our work so far. This involved looking at what research we had carried out, telling the group about it and then going on to explain our idea. We were all given a sheet to fill in as well. As after each person has spoken the rest of the group gave feedback and we had to write this feedback down. Once we had all spoken about our ideas Fred and Richard then came back at 11am to have a talk with us about how we had got on and discussed any common issues which had arised during conversation.
Our group had Fred for this part of the session and he helped to explain a second sheet we were given. This was really helpful and he made sure everyone understood exactly what needs doing. Below are the sheets we were given to fill in and read through.

OUGD404 - Design Principles: Peer Reviewing

Below is the double page spread I displayed on my laptop screen for the purpose of peer reviewing. It is one of my initial layout ideas for my 10 things about graphic design publication. I have tried to maintain simplicity and professionalism and hope that this is noticed by my peers.
The feedback I recieved is listed below:
  • Simple, readable, like minimal use of colour. Good incorporation of + sign into the grid
  • Modernist? Clever use of the + I really like that, not sure what else to say
  • Good simplistic approach but too much blank space in my opinion, consider moving title down?
  • Really nice, simple layout. Look at making the text block and remove hyphens so it is neat
  • I like the simplistic style, quite bold and eyecatching
  • Like the simplicity and use of the symbol and RGB in the left hand corner
  • Maybe too simple with the negative space on the left
  • Really like the minimalistic design of this spread. Combined with the bold use of black it is suggestive of its informative nature. Another image would work well on the left hand page to balance with the text on the right hand page perhaps
I am really pleased with this feedback and think it is very helpful and constructive. I will definitely take this into consideration when I come to making alterations and improving my designs. I could definitely take all of these suggestions into account when improving work.
I think the only negatives to this process were the fact that not everyone received at least four constructive comments. This could maybe make some people feel a bit disappointed. On the other hand many people received a lot more feedback which would have been extremely beneficial when making alterations and improving work in the future.

OUGD404 - Design Principles: Research

We have been asked to research the following and blog the results as a reference for the future. I found definitions very easily and have also listed some examples. The measures, rulers etc for example provides me with additional information which may be useful if I have any issues when working on InDesign and using specific tools relating to measurements.



Folio numbers



Measures, rulers and boxes

OUGD404 - Design Principles: Presenting Findings

Our group
Today we had to present our findings for the questions we were given. Our group's questions was 'what is a double page spread and what does it do?

We had some positive responses but it was hard to effectively ask questions without stating the obvious. We therefore asked their opinions on double page spreads and we found that most of the class preferred them to single pages. This is because negative space can be used effectively and it helps to separate text and image in a positive way.

Group 2
Grids, gutters, columns and margings and the golden section?
  • Help to separate a page
  • Margins are the empty spaces around the page to allow there to be room without cutting information off
  • Gutters are the inside margins on a double page spread to accomodate for binding
  • When you are putting a photo across a double page spread you don't use gutters
  • Columns are an arrangement of space to fill with text
  • The golden section allows you to make the make proportionate
  • 1.61 is the golden number
Group 3
Paragraphs, ligatures, captions?
  • A subheading enables you to read information quickly
  • Provides more detail about the topic stated
  • A paragraph is a self contained group of information
  • A caption draws attention to detail about an image
  • An example of a good caption is one which draws the reader in
  • Ligature is two or more letters which can represent a sound or a word
  • They are primarily used to make type look better on a page
  • Pagination is the process of dividing (content) into discrete pages, either electronic pages or printed pages
  • Pagination should include sematics and cultural contexts
  • Pagination offers navigation options for browsing

Group 4
Picas, pixels, bits?
  • Pica is a measuring unit for typography
  • There are three types of pica
  • A pixel is a sample of a original image
  • LCD pixels are manufactured in 2 dimensional either a dot or square
  • 8 bit is when you take a digital image it will be in 8 bit format
  • 16 bit is when you edit an image and there are more colours
  • A measurement refers to the height of the type block
Group 5
Dropcap, box and rulers?
  • A dropcap is found in reading books to signify a break in text
  • Box and rulers is a format layout which can consist of anything, either text or image or a mixture of the two
  • Rulers are used as material rulers or ones which can be found on software

Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD406 - Speaking From Experience: First Year Review

This brief has been given to us as first year students. We are now approaching our second year at Leeds College of Art and I can't believe how quickly first year has gone. I thought it would be beneficial to be when completing this brief, to know and reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses over first year and possibly consider the things I wish I had known.

When starting the course I knew that it was going to be challenging, but that is why I chose it. I have always been aware of the amount of work expected and I think this is made clear on open days too. No matter how prepared you may feel however there are always going to be small things relating to the course that make you feel nervous or slightly less confident.

Meeting new people for many students is hard and therefore making friends quickly is also hard. I think that by completing this brief and being able to discuss and welcome the first year students to the college, it will not only benefit them, but it will also benefit us, as it will reinforce all of the reasons we are studying here and remind us of how important it is to work as hard as possible in the time that we have left. It will allow them to get to know us, and vice versa. This will help during studio sessions as they will feel more comfortable with having us around. I would have loved to have had this interaction at the start.

There will be so much for them to consider, as I remember how nervous I felt on the first day. With not only having to think about the course and the workload, but also ensure that my shopping, washing and everything else was maintained. I hope that by producing something to make them feel less homesick it will allow them to feel more comfortable in a new environment but will also encourage collaboration amongst the different year groups. I feel as though if we were more involved currently with the second and third years we would be able to prepare ourselves for what is to come and possibly get some tips off them.

I am therefore going to work hard to try and produce something which is memorable and lighthearted for them to use. The design aspect of it is also just as important so that they can see what is expected of them by the end of their first year. This will hopefully set standards and start them off on a positive note.

OUGD406 - Speaking From Experience: Further Secondary Research

Having carired out some initial research which led me to my final concept, I think it is now important that I continue to research but a bit more specifically. I need to find more inspiration before I actually start the design process. I will start this by researching online, but will also be looking in the library to see whether they have any relevant books available, as well as carrying out primary research.

I started my typing in 'homesick' on pintrest to see what came up. The results were as follows. I think this is a good starting point as I will come across visual material which will help me make the important decisions.

I saw this image straight away and it made me think about how most people miss their home food and their family's cooking. I thought I could possibly make a miniature recipe book myself or supply the students with an empty recipe book which they could write their parents' or grandparents' recipes in. This way it personalises the pack they receive.

Pinned Image
Food was a popular image which appeared when I searched. This reinforces what I have just suggested, and I think it would make people feel much more at home. Perhaps I could even design the pages so that they have individual attachments whereby recipes could be pinned in to the book, just in case anyone sends them hand written recipes. This would be a way of saving their time but also personalising it once again by having their relatives' or friends' handwriting in there.
Pinned Image
Photographs such as this one make me instantly feel homesick. An ideal bedroom with everything exactly how you would hope and wish for. I think images like this definitely influence me to go ahead with the decision of including an empty photo album in the 'pack'. This means that students can document their memories and reflect on them when they are feeling down or lonely.
Printing costs for photographs may be an issue for some people and they may not be able to afford the ink, I could therefore provide them with a list of links or one link to Snapfish, (which is an online service I use for printing), and inform them about free costs for the first order etc.
Pinned Image
I have now had a look on Behance too to try and find anything else which inspires me. I have come across quite a few thing which are useful to me by simply searching 'homesick' once again. I came across this pack below, which is contained in a standard packaging and hasn't been presented in any unusual way in particular. I like the concept but would much prefer to be a bit more creative than this.


I came across this canvas bag. I am not fond of the chosen colour scheme and the actual illustrations but the idea behind it is quite good as it supplies people with a place to store things when they move away from home.



This caught my eye instantly simply because of the thought gone into the shape of the packaging for the bow tie. I think simple things like this can make a huge difference on a product and make it stand out from the rest. I will definitely take inspiration from this when designing the packaging for all of my products. I think the shape needs to reflect something we use a lot within graphic design.

Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that package design has to offer.


I quite like how this Japanese food packaging bag represents the country it is for. The way it ties at the top is different to standard bags and I think I could take inspiration from this when designing a bag or envelope which could be folded and sent to parents within the envelopes I provide with a stamp on it to enable them to send it back full of food.

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni | Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots


When considering the design of the outer packaging I should consider different ways in which the student could hold the product. It could be a possibility for it to be able to fit in to a handbag quite easily, or if not it could be small enough to transport around with a compact feel to it so that it doesn't seem like a pain having to cart it around. I think it if was easy to transport around then it would mean that you could not only have little reminders of home in halls but you could also constantly have them with you. On the other hand, this may not be possible, and if it isn't possible I would consider the option of being able to take individual items out and take them with you in your bag. For example the address book and letters.

Design Illustration Typography Printmaking / .


I saw this and thought I could create something quite similar with the idea in mind that you might have travelled and moved a long way away from home. The idea of a suitcase would remind the student that they were on the move but also that they will be able to return home too.

Is Your Brand a Roach Motel? (Brand Failures Exposed)


I like this idea, the way the product itself is hidden within the packaging. I could consider this too when I design my own outer packaging for all of my individual products.

Dino! Gum


I love how the packaging here is designed so that the product fits exactly inside. It is innovative and unique and I would love to create something with this idea in mind.


I could look at possibly creating a book for each product and have them fit together to create a possible shape or make up letterforms for example, such as 'GD'.


I have always admired this design below. Simply because I love the logo and the simplicity of it. I love how the paper is a slight off white too, giving it added character.

cornelia identity by Oriol gil www.mr-cup.com

I always love the effect of brown black and white design. I think it almost always looks professional and stands out from the rest. I particularly like this example below and how all of the separate objects are brought together with the material wrapped around them. This gives it an authentic, unique feel about it.


This is another example which I could possibly take inspiration from. However I am not as keen on the layout and the choice of typography at all. It isn't a very inviting and friendly design which would be what I am hoping to create.


This design stood out to me as I really like the design of the inside of the envelope. It gives it an added unique feel to it and makes it a bit more interesting. It works especially well with the contrasting brown on the reverse side, allowing the detail to stand out.

This really sparked off some fresh ideas in my mind. It led me to think of a whole new concept. Whilst bearing in mind all of the different elements I need to consider I thought about separating the house up in to all of the different parts such as the chimney, the main house, the windows (x4) and the door, and with this I was able to apply the address book, tissues etc to the shapes of each part of the house. I started to think about how I could create different shaped boxes which could form the shape of the house and could all attach together to form an ornament to hang in the bedroom whilst it isn't being used. This ties in the fact that students may be feeling 'homesick' to an actual house.


I love the colours used here and the way it has been carefully crafted to form a game almost, this stands out to me as a unique design and I would love to create something similar in terms of the effect it has on the audience.


Within my pack I would like to include a book of stamps. If I was to present the pack to a student however for them to use, I would have to include existing stamps so that they would work. However I would like to design my own stamps too. To overcome this issue I could look at designing the cover for the stamps instead.
Tissue packaging
When researching tissue packaging I came across these Kleenex designs. All three of them are relevant to my idea in some respects, especially the one with the illustration of a house on it. I will definitely take inspiration from each of these designs if I decide to include tissues in my pack. 
Once again this is extremely relevant and probably wouldn't prove to be too hard to make. This has given me another idea, I could create all of the elements in the same way, representing the shape of a house like this design, rather than making a house out of smaller elements.
This is more of a standard tissue packaging which would be more appropriate if I was to have the tissues representing the front door. I will therefore take inspiration from this idea as I think it would be quite easy to construct too.

Recipe books

Having researched extensively into all of the other areas I thought it would be interesting to start looking at existing books which could inspire me for the recipe books, address books and telephone books too. I quite like the illustration on the one below and think it looks quite professional. Something along the same lines would work well for me too I think.

Address books and telephone books

Below is a leather bounded address book. I am not overly keen on the design of it but thought it would be quite useful to reference even so.

Photo album
I found this photo album online too, it is very vibrant and unique and each page has been separated with text. I think this is something I could definitely consider, by including inspirational or uplifting quotes inside to make the students feel happy and not homesick.