Wednesday, 30 April 2014

OUGD501 - Context of Practice: Studio Brief 2 (Printing Decisions)


Originally, I was going to use LGP Print in Leeds to print all of my work out for context of practice. However, in the time that I had left to make final adjustments, this wouldn't have been possible without rushing it. I also worked out that it would cost quite a lot for them to produce because I would be perforating each individual print out and it would be quite time consuming. 


I then experimented in uni to see whether the print quality was good enough for me to be able to use it for my final piece. However, I had a lot of problems with this. The shade of blue when printed didn't match up to the shade of blue on the screen and this is something which concerned me because it needs to match the Kimberly-Clark blue as closely as possible. I wondered at first whether this was because of the format of the file which I had sent, but even when I tried to send it using a different format, it still didn't work. 

I went and spoke to one of the technicians and managed to catch him before he left for the day, unfortunately he was unable to solve the problem for me and would only be able to solve it after the deadline. I therefore decided that I needed to consider an alternative printing method. 

I came to the conclusion that I would print in the digital dungeon at college instead. This way I can be in complete control of the quality of the print out and I can feel 100% satisfied with the outcome. 

OUGD501 - Context of Practice: Studio Brief 2 (Digital Development)

Although much of this development has been ongoing for a while and during the time I have had crits, I have decided that it is easier to understand if it is all explained together on one post. As I created a digital design, I decided to print it out and make it so that I could assess whether or not it was suitable or not.

Tissue Box Development

Below is the first net I drew on Illustrator. Using the Kimberly-Clark logo I edited it to work well along the blue band on the bottom. At the moment I am not too sure whether all of the closures I have included are necessary, I may have to do some last minute adjustments when I start to make some prototypes. I also haven't measured the slit along the top to see whether it will be large enough for me to include enough text at a legible size. 

Using the same net, I then decided to experiment with including more of a block blue colour. I felt as though the white space was a bit too clinical and bland. However, rather than just using block colour alone, I have decided to do some simple illustrations to represent different areas of their existing website. This way I can split the information up into understandable sections. 

I went on the website and chose some of the key areas of interest for new employees and had a go at illustrating them. For 'employees' I simply drew the outline of a 'person' and placed it inside of the oval taken from the Kimberly-Clark logo. I then illustrated a leaf for 'sustainability', scales for 'values' implying an equal balance, and '1952' to add a mixture of type and image to the design and do illustrate the foundation of the company. 

Below is the working document as well as the design applied to the packaging net. I experimented with outlines as well as block icons to see whether I liked one more than the other. I am finding it hard to decide myself which one I prefer so I am going to have to get some feedback later on in my development. 

Although I do really like the idea of creating a design which incorporates one icon per side of the box, I still feel as though it doesn't really create the same feel as a tissue box does. I have decided to draw out some more icons to give me more options to work with. Below I have demonstrated my development. I have typed out the first four options which I have already illustrated and then I have continued to add more from the website. The more information I include, the more interesting the product will be, and it will also link closely to my essay. 

When I was looking at the products on the website I noticed that there was quite a lot of information on there which I could work with. I therefore had a go at illustrating some of the products which they distribute globally. Drawing a toilet roll to represent Andrex, and using the Kleenex and Andrex logo, to again, add more text to my design.

I also feel as though it is important for new employees to be made aware of the disaster relief which Kimberly-clark provide on a global scale. This is something which strongly illustrates their ethical values and also how much they care for the environment, linking to sustainability. Both of which are two of the key topics of conversation in my essay.

When I was drawing a symbol for disaster relief I found it quite hard to illustrate what I wanted to show, without it portraying a different message. Although I am not completely happy with the outcome of this illustration at the moment, I am going to leave it for the time being and get some feedback later on in my development. 

Below is some further progress illustrating my development, using the updated icons which I have designed. I am happy with all of the variations but I am still not sure about the icon I have created for disaster relief. 

By inverting the same design I have come up with the packaging shown below. I quite like the outcome of this design and feel as though it breaks it up a bit. Although I am sure when I make this net I will know whether or not it is successful enough. 

I then thought about the fact that the bottom of my box doesn't actually have anything on it to explain a little bit about the product. I decided to take the same shape of the icon outline and use it for the top and the bottom of the box. At the moment I am quite happy with this idea but it may change slightly before the end result.

Using the repeat pattern once again, I have applied it to the same box and I am beginning to feel happier with the outcome of it. Although I am still unsure about whether or not the 'disaster relief' symbol works well enough. 

Similarly here I have produced the same piece of packaging but instead of having the blue background, I have inverted it so that there is more of a white space and the outline on the bottom of the box is quite bold and visible. I am not as fond of this design and think I would prefer it if the bottom of the box was also blue. 

Below I have experimented further and have filled the whole of the box in blue with all of the detail in white. I think this is much more successful and feel as though I am finally getting somewhere with this idea. 

I then started experimenting with the inserts to include inside the box. I wanted to find out whether it would be possible for me to make the top piece of paper represent the shape of a tissue. Below I have tried doing this, but I am not sure whether it is necessary or not. Another downside to using this idea is the fact that there isn't as much room to write any notes on it. This defeats the purpose of me designing a set of memo notelets which are sustainable and ethically friendly. 

Going back to the design of my icons and reviewing the icon which I am not happy about, I have decided to see whether it would work better if I just used one wave on its own. I still don't think this portrays the correct message. I asked for some feedback and came to the conclusion that it would be better for me to completely eliminate the idea of using the wave and instead using a cross to indicate aid. 

Below is what my updated pattern looks like. I am really pleased with the outcome of this design and feel as though it is suitable to be the final product. 

Here I have enlarged the pattern slightly to fill up more space and I feel as though this is more appropriate. 

Using the design I am happy with, I then decided to invert it to create a second possibility. I am now starting to think that I will submit two different possibilities with the idea in mind that Kimberly-Clark would be able to have a choice of which they would like to distribute to their new employees. 


Below are a couple of font sizes which I experimented with for the inserts. I experimented with a wide range of different layouts to give me as much choice as possible. It will probably become clearer to me when I print some of them out and experiment with them in physical format. 

I tried to incorporate the icons into the design to see whether this could work, however I am not sure whether it is necessary for them to be there as I quite like the idea of the exterior pattern to be unknown to the audience to allow them to perceive them in the way that they wish. It will also become clearer to the employees as they progress further into the notes and read all of the different quotes provided. 

I wondered whether I should draw lines on each page as well but I know from past experience that any loose sheets of paper I have had to write notes on, have always been blank. I'm therefore not sure whether I would use this on my final design. 

I thought that maybe a subtle tag coming down from the top right hand corner would give a strong aesthetic feel, but I don't really think the logo is necessary to be included still. 

I tried incorporating the oval into this design as well, however I am not sure whether this is necessary. I also feel as though it takes up too much room on the piece of paper. 

Once again, I tried using a block of blue along the top, however I don't think I like this design so I am going to move away from it completely. 

I think this is the layout I am happiest with so far, but I may change my mind the further on in my development. The simple fine line to separate the quote from the rest of the white space works well. 

Here I have placed all of the logos in different places on the white pages. I am certain now that this isn't appropriate. 

The variations illustrated below are so diverse but none of which are suitable. I have come to the conclusion that the simpler the better as I don't want to over complicate things for myself as I usually do. 

I feel as though my developmental process has been extremely beneficial to me. I have managed to understand where things have worked well and where things have not been as successful. All of my physical print out development and prototypes have been even more beneficial, as I have been able to understand when the construction of a box has worked well, and when it needs improvement. This is shown on a separate post to show how I have reached the final stage of my design.