Wednesday, 31 December 2014

OUGD601 - Context of Practice 3: Existing Measuring Products

Now that I know exactly what I am producing for my practical element of COP3, I feel as though I need to start looking into existing products in a bit more depth, specifically focusing on the idea of measuring products. As Tony made a reference to the Tala measuring cup in one of his emails to me, I thought I would research a little bit further into them and see what I could find. 

I ended up coming across a variety of different versions of the Tala measuring cup. One of them is Moroccan themed. I quite like how the packaging differs depending on the theme of the food, and I feel as though this is something I could take inspiration from for my own work if it is appropriate.

The basic Tala measure is the one shown below. It is much more simply and straight to the point, giving basic instructions for measuring all of the key dried foods. I really like the idea of producing something similar to this, however I don't think they would be too happy if their shape was completely reproduced and simply redesigned to have somebody else's logo on it. I also feel as though this isn't really stretching my abilities and isn't allowing me to be creative enough. 

I have also blogged this example as it just goes to show that something which is so functional in the kitchen, can also be designed so that it is stylish and quite high-end. In my case, I wouldn't design the pasta measure with this in mind, as the simplicity of the design is more important and it needs to be as easy to use as possible. 

This is another example I found on the Lakeland website. I really like how all of the measuring cups fit inside each other, making it easier to store them all. 

This is a close up shot of the inside of the Tala measure. I thought I could use this image as a reference image for when I am designing my own pasta measure. 

Another example of a variety of the Tala measure is this Moroccan themed one. Again, a different pattern has been created to illustrate the food. 

I prefer the inside of this measure as it is a bit more colourful and fun to look at and use. I will obviously be restricted to using the Love Food Hate Waste colours, but I am quite pleased about this as it will be challenging to create something using brand guidelines and not have the free reign to use one which I simply prefer. 

I think this example is quite fun and playful. If I was designing for a target audience who were quite young then I could have perhaps taken inspiration, but I don't think it would be appropriate in this instance. 

I have also come across this curry measure which is extremely bright and colourful. This one has a leaflet which comes with it too, and has also been photographed in context to try and encourage sales even more. I would like to photograph mine in context when I have finished it, perhaps alongside the other measuring tools which have already been created for Love Food Hate Waste. 

I also had a look on Not on the high street website. I love this wooden style spaghetti measure with the retro design on it. I would love to use the woodwork facilities in college to produce something out of wood but I am just not sure whether it is possible for me to do this and whether it would be appropriate, because in the real world my product would be reproduced using recycled plastic. 

I found these flat cones which I thought would be quite good to use as inspiration. I like the idea of them being flat packed so that they can be stored away when not in use. 

This is quite a good idea, creating a fridge magnet with all of the information on. Tony had mentioned to be in one of our meetings how it might be quite good to use a magnetic strip to form the measuring cone. I like this idea, but it may not be suitable for every household as not everybody has a magnetic fridge anymore. 

Similar to one of the previous examples, these measuring spoons fit inside each other again. I would love to create something like this but it wouldn't be as sustainable as having it all in one. 

This container is very similar to the Tala cone. I could actually buy one of these and cover the markings with my own label. However I feel as though I would benefit a lot more if I made the measure myself as opposed to buying an existing one. 

I also came across this item online which is a spaghetti measure. Although I am not inspired by the measure as such, I really like the hand rendered illustrations and feel as though I could take inspiration from them. 

OUGD601 - Context of Practice 3: Love Food Hate Waste Brand Guidelines

Below are the Love Food Hate Waste brand guidelines which I was able to download from their website. I have tried to used them to create my final outcome, using the colour they have for their store-cupboard foods.