Friday, 9 January 2015

OUGD601 - Context of Practice 3: Crit 2

On the day we were all meant to have our final COP3 crit, nobody was available to have one apart from Danielle Harrison and I. So we decided to organise one for the afternoon. This was really useful as we had been in the first crit together as well so we were able to see how both of our ideas had developed and give constructive feedback. 

I took the following print outs with me to get feedback on. I asked Danielle whether she thought I should include rice in the measuring cup or whether it would detract from the purpose of the design. She said that I should take it off the design. We also both said that 100g is actually quite a lot of pasta, so I wrote down that I should check this on their website. I asked about the barcode positioning and we discussed a few variations which I will try and show in my development post on my blog. Danielle also made a really valuable suggestion, saying that I don't need the resealable label, as this would eliminate the need for the Love Food Hate Waste clip to keep food fresh and therefore it isn't necessary.

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